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Route 1 - (Gwarimpa, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Citec, 7th, and 69 road)
Route 2 - (Gwarimpa, ALD Est., Kafe Est., Lungu and Map-Global)
Route 3 - (Dawaki, Dutse, Kado Est., Maitama, Wuse, Lake View, Katampe, Utaku, Life-camp, Citec-Mbora, Kings Court, Sil, Panasonic and Global Est.)
Route 4 - (Area 1 – 11, CBN Qtr., Kubwa, Prince & Princess, Galadimawa, Lugbe, Airport Road and any rough road on route-1)

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All routes would be confirmed available by Route driver and Transport Officer before any payment can be made. Services would only be rendered after full payment of FEES.

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