Students Excursion – NASENI – Jan 2022

AlhamduliLLaahi Robbil ‘Aalameen for the success recorded in today’s excursion; we pray that Almighty Allaah SWT makes the experience beneficial to the Scholars. The VENUE – NASENI National Agency for Science and Technology Engineering Infrastructure was created to stimulate ideas, creativity and innovations to solve the world problem through Science and Engineering Technology. OUR EDUCATIONAL […]

Happy New Year – 2022

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Be proud of everything you accomplished last year, and put in your best for the year 2022. It is going to be another year full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories with I-Scholars International Academy.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

I-Scholars International Academy is proud to be a part of Nigeria, as we proudly hoist its National Flag High and celebrate the independence of our great Nation Today. We are proud to be Nigerians. We salute and pay homage to all the brave hearts who have made Nigeria proud and ensured our generation succeeds. As Nigeria […]

Back to School – COVID-19
Scholars Monthly Online Learning Engagement Program

As part of our continuous educational development initiatives, I-Scholars International Academy has launched its online eLearning platform tagged: “Scholars Monthly Online Learning Engagement” (SMOLE).