Transportation – School Bus Policy


Our school transportation policies and procedures have been set up so scholars and parents both will receive information leading to an understanding of the expectation of scholars, drivers, minders and parents/guardians while they are being transported to and from school.

These policies call for cooperation on the parts of scholars, parents/guardians, bus drivers, minders, and other school personnel. The policy has been developed to promote the safety and wellbeing of scholars. Parents/guardians are encouraged to study these policies and procedures with their child/children. All parties involved (parents/guardians, bus drivers, minders, and other school personnel) are expected to know what is expected of them for safe and orderly transportation to and from school.


  1. To help the driver maintain the scheduled pickup and drop off, students are to be waiting on their residence already dressed and packed, 10 minutes before the time for pick up and drop off. Parents are to ensure that this is adhered to as we would not hold the driver responsible if he/she doesn’t pick up a child due to unnecessary delay spanning 10-15 minutes.
  2. In the case where children are to be met at designated points such as parks, streets, gates, etc. and the driver cannot see the student waiting, the driver will continue on to the next stop.
  3. When dropping off students at the end of the day, they will not be dropped off to anyone who cannot be recognized by the school representatives. If parents would not be home, the school should be notified and arrangement for drop off should be communicated on time to avoid distortion in our school arrangement.
  4. Students shall be waiting, in an orderly manner, at the assigned loading area to board the bus when it is ready to leave the school premises. No pushing or shoving will be allowed when boarding or getting off the bus.
  5. After the bus stops, wait until you get a signal from the driver before crossing streets to get on or off the bus.
  6. Look both ways before crossing a street where necessary.
  7. Walk quickly, but safely, so that the bus will not be holding up traffic.
  8. Use caution crossing the road after getting off the bus. Some drivers of other vehicles may not observe the rule requiring them to stop for a stationary bus.


  1. Please ensure that the person responsible for with picking up and collecting students at the drop-off/pick-up points are on time. Bus drivers have been instructed to leave/stop at the scheduled times.
  2. If your child is not returning home on the bus, in the afternoon, it is necessary that parent communicate to the school.
  3. Inform the school management of any changes of home address or contact details.
  4. Report in writing to the school management any concern in relation to the transportation service.
  5. Please note the bus service is for students and is not intended to provide transportation to parents or friends of students.
  6. Parents shall be financially responsible for any damage to the interior or exterior of the bus done by their child/children.


  1. Only students eligible for transportation are permitted to board the school buses.
  2. All school and district rules as listed in Board policy or school handbooks are also in effect while traveling on school buses. There will be no use of cell phones, which includes video recorders, cameras or iPods, also the use of headphones on the bus and while going to and from their designated place of safety.
  3. Drivers would ensure to maintain the 70km/h on highway and 35km/h in the residential area driving law.
  4. Drivers are responsible for the cleaning and care for the bus.
  5. All students will be assigned seats on the bus by the driver and the minder.
  6. No student shall leave or be out of his/her seat while the bus is in motion.
  7. All parts of a student’s body shall be kept inside the bus, especially when a window is open.
  8. Do not throw anything in the bus or out an open window.
  9. Nothing shall be held so it extends out of the window or in the aisle of the bus.
  10. No eating, drinking, or chewing gun is permitted on the bus at any time by the driver and the minder.
  11. Talk quietly at all times.
  12. Illegal drugs of any type shall not be permitted on the bus at any time.
  13. No smoking or use of tobacco products shall be allowed on the bus at any time.
  14. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on the bus at any time.
  15. Live animals (caged or otherwise), firearms, ammunition, explosives or other dangerous materials and object which may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle shall not be transported on the school bus.
  16. Large objects, including band instruments, are not to be transported on the bus unless they can be contained by the student so it is not a projectile. Furthermore, the instrument cannot obstruct the drivers view or block the aisle.
  17. Learn how to get off the bus in case of an emergency. The bus driver will conduct practice drills periodically.
  18. Students must ride their assigned bus to and from school. Changes in bus assignments and/or stops can be made only in the case of an emergency. Approval for any change must be requested by the parent or guardian in writing by the school management.


  1. Be ready and wait on time in a position where the bus driver can see you before stopping the bus.
  2. Upon entering the bus, take a seat immediately, fasten seatbelts and remain seated while the bus is moving. Do not switch seats while travelling.
  3. Students must respect the wishes of the driver and bus minders at all times.
  4. Keep aisles clear of books, bags and other belongings.
  5. Eating and/or drinking on the bus is not permitted.
  6. Students should talk quietly using an ‘inside’ voice.
  7. Students must be courteous to fellow passengers
  8. Students should respect the property of the transport company.
  9. Public displays of affection are not appropriate.


  1. At the beginning of the new term, parents are to inform the school if they are still interested in the arrangement for transport for their children.
  2. Payment for the bus must be made at the beginning of the term, this is to secure a space in the bus for the term. Students would not be conveyed if payment has not been made.

The school bus fee represents “the purchase” of a seat in the school bus for the entire school quarter. Payment made to the school would not be refunded if the student uses the bus once. In the case where the student doesn’t use the bus service at all, then refund can be made to the parent.

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