Fostering Children – World Adoption Day Walk

Fostering Children – World Adoption Day Walk

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Halal Children’s Home is a Non Governmental residential organization devoted to taking care of Muslim orphans and other children that were separated from their biological families. It is an exquisite institution where vulnerable children and orphans are cherished, given a better life that is characterized by serving Almighty Allah, hard work and reintegration to the society.

Fostering is in line with Islamic Law; the difference between adoption and fostering is that by adoption you lose the identity of the biological parent and take that of the adoptive parent.

Mrs Ramatu Abubakar, Vice President Halal Children’s Home

Fostering Children Awareness Walk!

An awareness walk organized by the Halal Children’s Home to mark the 2019 event to raise more enlightenment on foster care waiting to be adopted. Fostering Children in Islam is key, there is a need for Nigerians to foster children and incorporate them back into the larger society.

The walk is to let Nigerians know that orphaned children are in need of homes, although Halal Home takes care of these children, the best place for a child is within the family. I-Scholars International Academy is promoting Halal Children’s Home Foster a Child Awareness Walk to encourage Muslims to start the fostering process of taking orphaned children into their homes.

The Need

The orphanage needs various types of help and support, support can be given in form of financial donations, to material donations, food items can also be donated, clothing, napkins, diapers, shoes, books, pencils, and any other thing that can help a child. Join Us as we embark on this social development service. May Almighty Allah Bless you abundantly as you come out. Ameen.

Jazakallahu Khairan.


The greater part of children in are in Halal Children’s Homes are in different schools, ranging from 65% in creche/pre-nursery/nursery/primary to 30% in secondary schools and 15%  in universities, Halal Children’s Home needs your support in footing at least 100% of a childs educational bill, taking away 90% bills of these children, you can pay one-time school fees or foster a child all through his/her education.

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