I-Scholars Charity Week 1st Term 2019/2020

I-Scholars Charity Week 1st Term 2019/2020

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I-Scholars International Academy’s Charity Week is a fundraising campaign to raise funds for orphans and children in need in our community.

We’ve saved and changed more than seven hundred (700) lives within Abuja, SubhanAllah!

From giving out your old shoes to a noble cause in charity, to baking a cake or giving out cash, the choice of donation is totally yours!

In fact, Allah (SWT) describes those who prevent the supporting of orphans and the feeding of the poor as “those who reject the faith

(Quran 107:1-3), The Holy Quran

I-Scholars International Academy – Charity Week!

Being caring and compassionate for one’s fellow human beings is the focal point of Islam. When reading the Qur’an, one cannot help being struck by the number of times charity is referenced.

Feeding the poor and needy, supporting orphans, relatives, and travelers, spending in the way of Allah. All of these references emphasize the significance of charity for every Muslim.

Get involved in our Charity Week – help save and transform the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children around Nigeria.

The Need

We are supporting our fellow Muslims and helping communities to recover from crises whilst break out of the cycle of poverty. Thank you all for your support.

Jazakallahu Khairan.


SubhanAllah, your generous donations are helping us to engage and empower men, women, and children to a more brilliant, economically sustainable and prosperous future. Masha’Allah!

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